Why housecleaning makes a great gift

When is a gift really something else? Housecleaning is that way. At first, it appears to be a gift for a service at one’s home – and it is that. Yet it turns out to be something more.


When you choose to provide the labor and supplies to clean a home, you really give the recipient several things:


  • You give them time. To rest, to pursue a hobby, to spend time with loved-ones. Perhaps that dear one is yourself.
  • You give them relief. From stress associated with the desire to keep a home clean and welcoming, while balancing many other demands.
  • You give them support. Since you recognize their desire to keep a clean, refreshing home, you show them that you value that also – and want to help. It is not cheating to provide the funds for help without pushing the vacuum around yourself! It is an acknowledgement that you want to help.
  • You give them care. Sometimes people can use some strong nurturing – when a baby comes, when a loved-one is ill, when they are tired or times are tough.
  • You just show love. No one wins a medal of heroism for scrubbing their house. It is fine just to say I Love You another way.

So yes, you may have to present your gift in a creative way, but be assured they will get the message.


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